Maximizing Your Coin Balance in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: Top Strategies


However, the game initially offers packs as rewards through Objectives and Squad Building Challenges, and unfortunately, most of these packs are untradable. But don't fret, there are alternative methods to bolster your coin stash.

Whether you're a newcomer to the game or you've drained your balance and need a quick coin infusion to bolster your squad, we've got you covered with some of the most effective strategies for rapidly amassing coins in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

1. **Complete Objectives:**

 While many of the packs you receive from Objectives cannot be traded, there are early tasks that reward you with coins upon completion. These won't make you a millionaire, but they provide a decent bonus, especially if you're just starting.

   - Check the Objectives on the dedicated screen in Ultimate Team, categorized into Live, Milestones, and Foundations sections.

   - The Foundations section often offers coins for simple tasks like improving team Chemistry, listing an item on the Transfer Market, or altering club details.

2. **Play Matches:**

 Every match you finish in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team earns you coins. Typically, this ranges from 500 to 600 coins per match, which can add up quickly for squad improvements.

   - For a quick match grind, consider playing Squad Battles, which has shorter half-lengths compared to online modes and offers weekly rewards.

   - Even Online Friendlies in Ultimate Team yield coins, so you can have fun with friends and still be rewarded.

3. **Bronze Pack Method:** 

This tried-and-true method involves buying Bronze packs and selling their contents. It's especially beneficial early in the game.

   - Premium Bronze Packs cost just 750 coins and often contain items that can be sold for at least 150 coins each.

   - Some Bronze players can be quite valuable, as they're needed for basic Squad Building Challenges.

4. **Open Packs from Moments:**

 Moments mode in EA FC 24 offers straightforward tasks with great rewards. While many packs are untradable, some are not, allowing you to sell the contents.

   - Redeem Stars for tradable packs in Moments, and you may even make a profit by quick selling cards.

   - Occasionally, you might get lucky and pack a valuable player, leading to a significant coin windfall.

5. **Master Trading on the Market:** 

The Transfer Market is a hub for trading, and mastering it can be profitable.

   - Keep an eye on players who might receive in-form cards when the Team of the Week is released; their base card prices tend to rise.

   - Take advantage of Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) by selling popular players used to complete them. Predict these players in advance, especially with Marquee Matchups tied to real-world fixtures.

By employing these strategies, you can efficiently accumulate coins in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, enabling you to strengthen your squad and achieve your in-game goals.


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