Top Websites for Gathering Information on Anything for Ethical Hacking


Any hacker or security researcher's first step before targeting any objective is to gather as much information as possible about the victim or target. In this field, there are many tools that can assist in this task, and there are also several websites that provide such services.

In this post, we will explore some of the websites that enable you to gather everything about anything.

 is an extraordinary and extremely dangerous engine that detects devices connected to the Internet and displays them on a map divided into several countries. It penetrates several unprotected devices or those with weak protection, such as using default login information. Through this engine, you can access Internet-connected surveillance cameras, printers, databases, robots, industrial control systems, and many other devices. 

is a search engine for Cyberspace information about devices, websites, services, and other devices. ZoomEye contains two powerful detection engines, Xmap and Wmap, which target devices and websites in cyberspace. Although ZoomEye is considered a "hacker-friendly" search engine, it was not designed to launch attacks on network devices or websites. The recorded data is only for use in security research. 

You can learn a lot using Google search these days, but there are still some questions that a search engine cannot answer. If you need specific information about someone (whether a potential roommate or a potential date), you may get more information by checking and finding out many details about them using this service. Public records have been scrutinized to collect information so you can access it in a convenient single report. If you need more information than what the search engine provides, you may want to try this service. 

The foundational technology behind Censys was designed by researchers at the University of Michigan. This team created a search engine for Internet-connected devices that can identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. With Censys, you can explore the Internet in search of devices such as routers, servers, and webcams, as well as view data related to open ports and other information that can be used to analyze networks.

In conclusion, these websites can be useful tools for information gathering, but they should be used ethically and responsibly. Any use of them for malicious purposes is illegal and unethical.

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