Twitter Users Express Frustration Over Unwanted Tweets from Non-Followed Accounts


Twitter Users Complain About Excessive "For You" Tab Content

Earlier this year, Twitter updated its app to display a "For You" tab with suggested tweets upon opening the app. While Twitter later reversed this decision, it seems the platform has once again found a way to irritate users. Many users are now complaining about the "For You" tab excessively displaying content from accounts they don't follow.

The For You tab now shows tweets from unknown accounts

Numerous Twitter users reported on Thursday that the For You tab is displaying tweets from accounts they don't follow. In most cases, these tweets are not related to any accounts or content the user follows. This problem is visible to anyone opening the Twitter app, including myself.

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This happened before Musk. I am slightly right-of-center politically, and was often bombarded by far-left Twitter accounts on my feed. I do like to read other points of view, but it seemed extreme at times, considering I didn’t follow those accounts and in the cases of crazy-people would select whatever option there was to see less posts like that (I don’t remember the exact wording, I haven’t used Twitter in a while now). Lo and behold, more like them would appear and sometimes the people I had rejected would return.

Twitter was a dumpster fire before Musk.

While the Following tab shows tweets from accounts you follow in chronological order, the For You tab uses algorithms to display the most relevant tweets to you. Occasionally, tweets from accounts you don't follow also appear in the For You tab, but they are usually related to topics you interact with most on the social network.

Looking at my For You tab now, there are very few tweets from friends and other accounts I follow. Instead, there are many tweets from unknown accounts that are being promoted for no apparent reason. Some of these accounts are subscribed to Twitter Blue, the platform's subscription service.

Is Twitter facing another internal issue?

It is unclear whether Twitter is facing another internal issue or whether the company has decided to alter how its algorithm works in a more aggressive manner. Earlier this week, Twitter updated its API to prevent users from opening links, images, and even accessing the social network through its website.

There's something strange happening at Twitter

Since Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter, he has fired key engineers from the platform, which has experienced repeated outages. Musk has also been promoting Twitter Blue by limiting access to previously free features and even requesting employees to force his tweets to display for all Twitter users, including those who don't follow him.

As noted by 9to5Mac, new Twitter users are now bombarded with random content on their timeline, even when they haven't followed anyone yet. Interestingly, Musk's account is the first suggested account to follow.

No PR team at Twitter to answer questions

It is unknown what is happening at Twitter at this time, and the company no longer has a PR team to respond to queries.

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